Mouth Guard

Did you know?

Dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports related activities.

There is always a risk of facial injury during participation in contact sports yet the majority of these injuries are preventable simply by wearing a mouthguard. It is estimated that everyone regularly participating in a contact sport has about 10% chance each season of an orofacial injury. Professional sports men and women have a 35-56% chance of sustaining such an injury during their sporting career.

Benefits of wearing a Funky Gums mouthguard
– They help reduce the incidence of concussion.
– Custom fitting allows you to breathe, speak and drink with ease.
– Funky Gums mouthguards offer ultimate protection for teeth with superior comfort
– The single most important benefit of wearing a mouthguard is the concussion-saving effect following impact to the lower jaw

Up to 95% of all sports-related concussions are transmitted through the lower jaw to the brain, so the use of mouthguards is advisable in all contact sports. That’s because mouthguards serve as a shock absorbent helping to prevent concussions and brain injuries.

Mouthguards also offer some protection against neck injuries and of course, protect your teeth by distributing the force of a blow over all of the teeth ultimately diminishing contact between the lower jaw and the upper jaw.

A properly fitted mouthguard can cushion a blow to the mouth area and can help prevent such injuries.